Extended Trailer

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12 Responses to “Extended Trailer”

  1. Meg Seidel says:

    taking the comment virginity to Tattooed Under Fire and checkin’ out the site and trailer, saw this on KLRU a while back and enJ0Yed it !

    always make it a great day to all the PEEPs that read this out there in the virtual w0rld!

  2. singe says:

    once again old men send young men ( and now young women ) off to the meat grinder to protect something from something and it is not quite clear what from what but what is quite clear is some of the young people will lose their chance to enjoy a reasonable amount of time on this blue green gem and others will spend time but not know how to enjoy it anymore.

  3. natty says:

    Not for nothing but the best tattooist in the United States of America is an hour down the road in Austin at Perfection Tattoo named Chris Trevino…

    GOD BLESS and R.I.P. to the Fallen.

  4. Dorrit Harazim says:

    Where and how can I purchase a copy DVDof the film?

  5. Bill says:

    When I came back from Vietnam in 66, a buddy (AirForce) and I went down to the VFW, our long hair (our tatts) waving. The guys at the VFW told us to get the hell out, Vietname wasn’t a real war, etc., etc. I suspect a lot of vets today don’t consider the desert wars real wars. We think the war we were in was the bad assest and subsequent wars must be, at best, safe replays. There’s no protesting on the streets, but I get the sense that today’s young soldier understands, at a primal level, that they’re the kitty litter of capitalism. Anybody done research on how many of America’s millionaires were enlisted men in the service. I say enlisted men, because it doesn’t seem to me that many officers get killed. I wish all the great people fighting our maybe-dumb wars all the best of luck and good fortune.

  6. Raina James says:

    All too often soldiers are portrayed as numbers, statistics, without individualism. But we all know that is not true. Nothing (and no one) is ever black and white and this documentary does a wonderful job reminding us that we are all human. Keep up the great work!

  7. Daniel D. says:

    Even though I am against the Iraq War. I stopped watching the movie after about fifteen minutes because I was tired of listening to the morose lady that owns the tattoo shop. I wasn’t interested in her anti-war feelings which came across too strongly. I wanted to hear the soldier’s stories and feelings about going to war. Not what some lady sitting home safe thinks about the war.

  8. Delilah says:

    Great show. Nice to hear our soldiers’ stories in their own words, vs. the media’s take on it.
    You did not, and are not fighting for nothing. You fight for me, for my family, the families of your partners in your company, and all the other fallen soldiers and their families. Giving them a purpose to their death so it means something. They didn’t die for nothing. Everything happens for a reason, whether we learn from it today, or in 80 years. It all has meaning somewhere. You just need to stop searching for it, or it will eat you up inside. Live now, not in yesterday.

    You are all good men and women, and I thank you all. 🙂 Might not mean much to everyone, but it means everything to me.

    “Tattoos tell a story all their own. Individuality gets expressed in a group that thinks and acts as one. “

  9. Efren C says:

    Question: I like the music that was in the documentary, who were the bands/music artists in the production?

    Efren @ Texas City, Tx

  10. Corey says:

    What a fascinating documentary, especially in light of the recent Ft. Hood news.

    This was on PBS last night in NYC and I was glued to the screen.

    Someone should send this to the DoD or something. Every one of those soldiers needs some serious help.

    Support Our Troops and Their Families!!

  11. I enjoyed your video very much, excellent use of a common theme (Tattooing) to tell diverse stories and follow the soldiers…very heartfelt encounters.

    Can you tell me the name of the song and the group regarding the Irish/Celtic music that you used to kick-off one of the battle scenes…it was very disctinctive high energy piece with a single vocalist, and it appears that the editor used the timing of the music for rapid transitions.

    Thank you!

  12. John Avila says:

    What was the song the kid is singing on guitar.
    Is it his own song? What is it called and has he recorded it in his voice sung the same way. What a great track!!! I feel him for sure….
    GREAT show! GREAT story! GREAT work!
    Its REAL!

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