Director Nancy Schiesari to attend the Evergreen State College

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Director Nancy Schiesari will be in attendance at the Evergreen State College to participate in the War and Soul conference to be held at the college.

“We are a nation at war – the impact of this on our society and our educational communities has been profound.  As our nation’s veterans return to our communities, many are choosing higher education as a first step to re-orienting to our society.  Are we prepared to meet their educational needs and challenges and to acknowledge their experience and strengths?  The goal of this summit is to provide participants with new knowledge and practical skills for working with student veterans and to connect them with resources for student veterans and higher education institutions.”

Learn more about the conference here.

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Austin Chronicle Interview

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Check out the interview the Austin Chronicle posted about the film:

In Tattooed Under Fire, a young soldier shows off his deeply inked body and says to the camera, “This is my storyboard.” It’s an eloquent and apt summation of the storytelling aspect of tattooing, and the moment is one any filmmaker would know was golden. Nancy Schiesari recalls her reaction: “I thought: ‘Wow. A film student would come up with something like that.’‘”

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Tattooed Under Fire available at Amazon

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Tattooed Under Fire will be available for purchase via soon.

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