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Posted on 13th July 2011 in Uncategorized

Tattooed Under Fire is available at Amazon for $24.95.

Selected by as one of the top 100 TV programs of 2009, this award-inning documentary follows soldiers at Fort Hood who visit the local tattoo parlor before and after their deployments, looking into the hearts and minds of soldiers on the frontlines. Sharing their hopes, fears and tattoos, the program presents a personal view of war from the frontline soldiers fighting it everyday. A fresh take on the life of a soldier, the film presents scenes of soldiers’ insights into the brutal aftermath and personal toll that have never been seen before. Aired on PBS a week after the shocking murderous rampage of Dr. Hassan, the film gives insight into the military culture that soldiers endure – and the often unforeseen, violent aftermath that takes place after their deployments are over. This riveting film presents an unforgettable perspective of American military history.

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