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Tattooed Under Fire is available at Amazon for $24.95. Selected by as one of the top 100 TV programs of 2009, this award-inning documentary follows soldiers at Fort Hood who visit the local tattoo parlor before and after their deployments, looking into the hearts and minds of soldiers on the frontlines. Sharing their hopes, […]

Tattooed Under Fire on the Austin American Statesman

The Austin American Statesman recently featured an article about the war in Iraq. Here’s whet they had to say about the film: “At the same seminar meeting we watched Nancy Schiesari’s magnificent documentary “Tattooed Under Fire,” filmed at the River City Tattoo Parlor in Killeen. There soldiers returning from and deploying to Iraq get tattooed […]

Director Nancy Schiesari to attend the Evergreen State College

Director Nancy Schiesari will be in attendance at the Evergreen State College to participate in the War and Soul conference to be held at the college. “We are a nation at war – the impact of this on our society and our educational communities has been profound.  As our nation’s veterans return to our communities, […]

Austin Chronicle Interview

Check out the interview the Austin Chronicle posted about the film: “In Tattooed Under Fire, a young soldier shows off his deeply inked body and says to the camera, “This is my storyboard.” It’s an eloquent and apt summation of the storytelling aspect of tattooing, and the moment is one any filmmaker would know […]

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